New woman-centric sex toy store She Bop opens its naughty and nice arms to the community


Co-owners Jeneen Doumitt and Evy Cowan

Even in a bad economy people usually continue to drink and to have sex. Just as bars as full as they ever were, so too can a burgeoning sex toy shop thrive in the downturn.

At least that is the hope of Evy Cowan and Jeneen Doumitt, two long time friends, who just opened, She Bop, an adult boutique specializing in non-toxic body safe toys, books, DVDs and gifts for women. The bright and airy store, open 7 days a week from 11 to 7, set just off Mississippi Ave (909 N Beech) is a friendly and close in alternative to the fantastic, but out of the way It’s My Pleasure.

When asked why they opened She Bop Doumitt answers, “Good Vibrations in San Francisco changed my life and we want to see that happen for others as well.  Portland deserves choices when it comes to shopping for quality sex toys…Our goal is to educate, while offering a fun, safe and comfortable environment for women and their partners and where everyone is welcome.”

The product selection is and Cowan and Doumitt are knowledgeable and excited to explain all the nuances of fun items such as the Club Vibe, which jiggles your naughty bits in time to the music, or unique and beautiful dildos made out of surgical steel, wood, ceramic, glass or silicon. And though the shop is dedicated to making women and queer people feel comfortable there are plenty of toys for the boys, including locally made kits for reproducing your own member in a host of different substances.

She Bop also strives to be as “green” as possible, fitting into one of Portland’s environmentally conscience ideals. The store plans to host classes and workshops on sexuality, organize fundraisers and events to benefit local non-profits, such as domestic violence shelters and organizations promoting safe sex. Just down the street from the Q Center, Doutmitt hopes She Bop will work with them in the future.

Indeed, queer resources are an essential part of She Bop’s mission. They are currently in the process of expanding their literature related to transitioning and there are all kinds of educational videos currently for sale, and soon for rent. Of course, there’s also just good old porn, which is highly anticipated as it will be the only place in town you can rent underground queer gems such as Pink and White Productions’ Crashpad series.

Portland is most definitely ready to get some from She Bop. And what better place to holiday shop for your sweetie?


Just a small portion of the colorful selection

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