Portlanders denounce anti-gay subpoena

The original Bash Back protest November 2008 in front of Mt Hope Church in in Delta Township, Mich. (Photo courtesy of Bash back! Lansing)

I don’t know too much about this story but will expound as more details are revealed. In the meantime, this press release, which I accessed through Facebook, does a pretty good job of explaining the basics:

Portland, OR– On Wednesday, March 16th, Google will be […]

What transgender travelers should know about the new TSA policies

The National Center for Transgender Equality just issued a helpful guide to the new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) policies that everyone is so upset about. It’s a good read. (And if you want a disturbing take on what folks are worrying about Brit joke rag The Squib has a story about a masturbating body scanner operator…)

NCTE opposes the routine use of full-body scanners and the new invasive patdown procedures. […]