Portlanders denounce anti-gay subpoena

The original Bash Back protest November 2008 in front of Mt Hope Church in in Delta Township, Mich. (Photo courtesy of Bash back! Lansing)

I don’t know too much about this story but will expound as more details are revealed. In the meantime, this press release, which I accessed through Facebook, does a pretty good job of explaining the basics:

Portland, OR– On Wednesday, March 16th, Google will be […]

The weekend’s videos: The “Real” L Word and Anna Paquin is bisexual for a cause

The cast of 'The Real L Word'

In this week that ends both the resurrection as well the the famed Dinah Shore weekend gays and lesbians are tired and news is thin. Even I stayed in on Saturday night, much to my housemate’s amazement. So instead of a weekend recap let’s greet Monday with two videos that have been making their way around the web.

Firstly, let’s take a […]

DOJ compares same sex marriage to incest, Rachel Maddow comments

Another take on the disturbing brief that was issued by the US Department of Justice in support of DOMA. It compares same-sex marriage to ” marriages between cousins or an uncle and a niece” and that as a result, they do not have to be recognized.

Rachel Maddow commented on this in her show, and you can watch it here.