Occupy Voices: Portland Speaks

Occupy Portland 2011

I have been active in the Occupy Movement since its beginning in October. Occupy PDX is just one of many occupations around the world. I proudly stand up for my rights and the rights of others as part of the 99%. In the past, I have covered the “story” from a neutral prospective; only covering the facts and keeping my opinion at bay. I believe in […]

CLOSED: Encampment of Occupy Portland

Mayor Sam Adams announced this morning at City Hall that the encampment of the Portland occupation is scheduled to close at 12:01 am Sunday morning. The Portland occupation has been a relatively peaceful one, setting an example for the rest of the country. However, lately there have been safety concerns from the Chief of the police (Mike Reese) and Adams himself. Chapman and Lownsdale squares will remain closed after Saturday […]

Thoughts and photos from Occupy Portland

Thursdays march stretched nearly the entire circuitous route from the Waterfront to pioneer square. Photo by Allison Johnson

qPDX contributor Nicole McDonald was part of last Thursday’s Occupy Portland beginnings. These are some of her thoughts and pictures experiencing one of the country’s largest “Wall Street protests.”

Thursday’s Occupy Portland protest and rally was one of the largest Occupy Wall Street protests in the nation with a count of […]

Live stream of Occupy Portland

In case you’re sitting at your desk workin’ for the man but wish you were out in the streets protesting, or just want to see what’s going down… (And yes, the irony is not lost on me that we all have to watch, like, Wal-Mart ads before accessing the video). For more real time updates check out the #OccupyPortland hashtag on Twitter.

Watch live streaming video from oppdx at […]