CLOSED: Encampment of Occupy Portland

We Are the 99%Mayor Sam Adams announced this morning at City Hall that the encampment of the Portland occupation is scheduled to close at 12:01 am Sunday morning. The Portland occupation has been a relatively peaceful one, setting an example for the rest of the country. However, lately there have been safety concerns from the Chief of the police (Mike Reese) and Adams himself. Chapman and Lownsdale squares will remain closed after Saturday while repairs to the parks are made. During this time and after, all city laws and park violations will be enforced. Commissioner Nick Fish and the mayor both urged people in the camp who need shelter and services to call the city’s human services hotline at 2-1-1.

“Occupy has had considerable time to share its movement’s messages with the public but has lost control of the camps it created. I cannot wait for someone to die in the camp—I cannot wait for someone to use the camp as camouflage to inflict bodily harm on others. The life-safety issues have put our particular encampment out of balance. Things have conspired to the point now where we have to act”, stated Adams.

The police have estimated that there have been 60 to 70 arrests since the beginning of the occupation on October 6th. Adams and Reese are both hopeful for a peaceful closure. Adams also gave recognition to the communication efforts on behalf of the movement. Reese declined informing the public about tactics the police are going to use Saturday night, but claimed that he was “certain that this was going to be a challenge.”

After the announcement, city hall was placed on lock-down, only allowing people to exit. Dozens of Occupy protesters accumulated in front of the building, listening to Adam’s statement.  Mayor Adams’ Facebook page is also being commented on by Portland occupiers to not close down the encampment. To read the Portland Occupation’s response to this mornings  press release, visit the website at





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