Team Dresch takes on Brazil and their 10th anniversary celebration of Ladyfest

Team Dresch rocking out in Santos, Brazil

Team Dresch has been the seminal dyke punk band since Donna Dresch, Kaia Wilson, Jody Bleyle and Marci Martinez first started rocking out in the Pacific Northwest’s thriving 90s rock scene. They’ve been through breakups, hiatuses, drummers, moves, solo projects, parenthood and more. And much has changed in both the music scenes and queer communities since then. What hasn’t changed is their ability to rock your socks off.

Rumors of a Team Dresch reunion swirled in 2006 and they promised more shows and new releases in 2007 and while we are still waiting for some of these super tight new releases in 2010 the ladies do continue to bring their widespread talents together for various shows around the world, the latest of which just took place at Brazil’s Ladyfest.

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