The team is back in play

So I’ve been sitting on this news for a couple months now. It was told to me in two parts by bandmember Dr. Dresch amidst nights of drinking and loud surroundings. This may explain why I was not sure whether or not this information could go public yet. As of this week, I know it certainly can, and I am now playing catch-up with at least 5 days of general knowledge. So forget the drumroll, but I’m still immensely excited that the most infamous dyke punk band of all time, Team Dresch, will be reuniting with its original cast.

Close to home shows will be on May 26th and 27th in Seattle and Portland respectively. Now, the last time I saw the team was at Homo-a-Gogo in Olympia 2 summers ago. And though I’ve been a fan since their original shows in the mid-90s, this one-time-only (or so it seemed) reunion sent this crowd into a frenzy I have not witnessed since. An though I returned home smelling of all kinds of punk lady sweat I was exhilarated and enchanted.

Can we be given this gift again? No one can be sure. But we may be given an even greater one. You see, there are a few shows scheduled, and over the course of several months. And when I did speak (shout, strain to listen, whatever) to Miss D, I got the impression that this may not just be another reunion show, but a complete revival of the band. Could this mean new songs, a new album, a complete rebirth of Portland’s once-thriving dyke music scene? One can only hope. And, of course, I would also love to see what the ladies do a decade later in this new music landscape, new sounds, and a very different layout of PDX clubs and neighborhoods.

Kaia’s more recent band, The Butchies, was quite successful. And Donna’s newest venture, Davies vs. Dresch, though short lived, also had much potential. But a regrouping such as this has the power to truly transform a scene. Team Dresch played a pivotal role in the young ladies of my generation. Personal Best seldom left my walkman in high school. I spent my very first hours on the internet in the Chainsaw chatroom in in their message boards. I think they have the power to do it again.

And for just a little nostalgia’s sake, and because everyone loves to see embarrassing moments in a blogger’s past, I’ll show you my Chainsaw chat profile from those times. (I really don’t look much older now). This site is a very slightly updated version of the original Geocities hosted site, but all of the text and images were copied directly and have not been altered. I’m sure these profiles bring up memories for more folks than me. Donna’s record label was a forum to speak the dyke punk language globally. Chainsaw records, and the message boards, still exist, if not with the same fervor. Nevertheless, Chainsaw continues to put out great music and gives helpful news updates as well. And so will I, as I follow the saga but the BEST. BAND. EVER

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