Review of newly released anthology ‘Gender Outlaws: The Next Gen(d)eration’

Kate Bornstein

Transsexual lesbian Kate Bornstein’s 1994 release of the first Gender Outlaw was a revelation. She was shockingly candied about fluid gender dating a woman who began to transition into manhood. This was groundbreaking stuff in the mid 90s.

Now in 2010 we may see pregnant men on Oprah, but trans and genderqueer identities are still a boundary-pushing subject. Nowhere is this more apparent than the continually forward thinking revamped Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation, released this month by Seal Press. But this is not merely an update. Edited by the original outlaw along with coeditor S. Bear Bergman GO:TNG is an anthology of 50 varied artists and writers, each with a strong and socially edgy voice.

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