“Pregnant Man” Thomas Beattie expecting third

Thomas Beattie pregnant with 3rd child

Wow, there will be a little sports team soon!

Thomas Beattie, the famous  Oregon “Pregnant Man” is expecting his third child, new websites including this one report. (the comments on that site are pretty transphobic. I’ll try and find a better source.)

Congratulations Thomas! My first reaction was “three in a row??” and I find it good/strange/telling that I would pretty much […]

It’s a boy! Pregnant man Thomas Beatie gives birth again


Barbara Walters pictured with Thomas Beatie and his baby daughter Susan Juliette, in November 2008.

Once a headline sensation, Thomas Beatie, the “pregnant man” just had his second child yesterday, and the headlines are nearly buried amidst Pride fervor.

From ABC news:

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‘Pregnant Man’ Thomas Beatie is pregnant once again

The Bend, Oregon family tells Barbara Walters they are expecting a second child […]

First pictures of baby Beatie with Thomas and Nancy


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Pregnant man, Thomas Beatie, gives birth


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