Michelle Machete brings the pansies some soul

Michelle Machete keepin' it real

With new nights at Mississippi Studios, Saratoga and more it seems Monday nights are coming back as a night for queer fun. One particular night is taking a genre that has gained some mainstream ground and bringing it to our community and our hood. Not brand new, DJ Michelle Machete‘s Pansy Soul is bringing the jive to Sloans (36 N Russell) this Monday and […]

One on one with DJ Party Martyr

I join Jen K. aka Party Martyr at Random Order Coffeehouse. Jen joins me after a long morning in a Chinook trailer van parked at the Portsmouth Pizza parkinglot. It’s a balmy afternoon on Alberta street right before the bustling last thursday event begins. Over the squealing of espresso machines and roar of hungry pie goers we sat at the bar and I got to ask Jen K. a couple […]

Another qDJX interview with Lifepartner

DJ Lifepartner

Today I find myself waiting for the elusive LIFEPARTNER, also known as Kirk Sutherland; A timid yet charming creature. Lifepartner wears thick rimmed glasses, fitted jeans, crisp new A.D.I.D.A.S’ windbreaker & canvas shoes, and sports a full beard. He loves playing dancehall, bounce and hip hop and anything new to the underground world music market. Today he shares his thoughts, opinions and some overall realness about inspiration, […]

Q&A with your favorite DJs

what […]