Michelle Machete brings the pansies some soul

Michelle Machete keepin' it real

With new nights at Mississippi Studios, Saratoga and more it seems Monday nights are coming back as a night for queer fun. One particular night is taking a genre that has gained some mainstream ground and bringing it to our community and our hood. Not brand new, DJ Michelle Machete‘s Pansy Soul is bringing the jive to Sloans (36 N Russell) this Monday and it’s worth checking out.

I haven’t had a chance to really check it out myself so I wanted to get some insight from the Machete herself on what’s so great about Pansy Soul.

qPDX: When did you start PS and why?

Michelle (Machete) Garcia: I stared PD last Summer. After I started my radio show “Turn Down the Lights.” Langano Lounge needed a DJ for Sunday nights. I feel a lot of the queer music scene is saturated with a lot of poppy dance music and top 40; new and commercial. When I say queer music scene I mean dance parties I frequently dance at and have a great time. Just wanted change it up a bit and bring some California Chicano influence to the scene.

Where would you like to see PS going in the future? Any guest DJs slated to appear? Any performances or is it more of a mellow thing?

I would love to see Pansy Soul as a lounge dress up kinda thing.

PS is definitely mellow but, I’m vato from San Jo, it would be cool to see Chi Chi and Chonga do a special performance, since PS is a li’l cholo themed. I’ve had DJ Kid Gloves guest DJ. I’m open for more guest DJs, for sure.

What do you think of the music in the queer dance scene and what would you like to see more of? What would be like to see changed?

Less top 40, and more remixes, electro, progressive house, drum and bass, dub, underground hip hop. I feel like this is topic a lot of current queer DJs in Portland are discussing.

Do you see opportunities for music diversification? Where does soul fit in to either the queer community or the Portland community?

I hope this sparks music diversification in the queer scene, add something different. Queer metal night? YEAH! Oh wait, that’s Ladies Metal Night at Sloan’s. Soul music fits in every community. Everyone deals with romance and heartbreak.

Do you still do a radio show? What other projects and/or events is “Michelle Machete” involved in?

I still have my Saturday night oldies show, “Turn Down the Lights” on I’m also involved with Bicyclists of Color, they show up to Pansy Soul too.

Where did your DJ name come from?

Cause, I’m from the jungle, baby. I need a machete to cut through the rough.

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