‘Blow Pony,’ Fat Fancy’s anniversary partyand Dana Goldberg get you ‘Feelin’ Alright’ this weekend

Comedian Dana Goldberg performs Saturday


Triskaidekaphilia (Just My Luck) – In case you missed the opening last week you have another shot at Jimmy Radosta‘s new play about comedic misfortune.


Street Corner A staged Reading – Already another theatrical piece f the weekend, this time a bit earlier in the process. One of several bits in a series of short plays, It Takes All Shorts, Street Corner stars Kevin Cook aka Poison Waters.

Glass Candy, Chromatics and Rude DudesSomething of a straight hipster bastion, a Glass Candy/Chromatics show still produces great music and a great time. Rude Dudes have incredible dynamic duo superpowers on the decks, smashing genres together in a way that will make you want to dance, but be too enthralled to remember the moves.


Fat Fancy‘s 3rd Year Anniversary – That little big girl store that could is celebrating 3 years in business! That means it’s time to party down…while shopping…and eating…Does it get any better my friends? A party in a clothing boutique gives you a chance to relax and imbibe while you ponder fashion choices. I love that Fat Fancy‘s celebrations tend to involve sweet treats. This weekend they’ll be provided by culinary mistresses Rachael and Devon. An additional treat this weekend are the turntable stylings of DJ Heteroskeptical, an up-and-comer who blends pop with world music and mid-century hits, making her sets a little more interesting than the usual. (She’s also one of my besties 😉

Belinda Carroll comedy presents Dana GoldbergLocal queer comedy queen Belinda Carroll has begun a habit of bringing other talented comedians to our fair city and it’s exciting to see comedy begin to have the same kind of presence as music and other popular PDX scenes. This installment brings Dana Goldberg, Jewess lez comedienne extraordinaire who has appeared on Logo, Glee, and alongside Lady Gaga and the Prez (of the United States!).

Giddy up and ride to Blow PonyIt’s a new year and time to renew our vows to Portland’s favorite queer party. It’s likely many of us missed last month’s Christmas day edition and it’s a whole new year to fill with BP dance moves.


Feelin’ Totally Alright in 2011 – Halloween’s 70s cover band extravaganza proved nobody does musical impressions like PDX queers. And the ladies of soft rock cover band Feelin’ Alright take the stage at the intimate Mississippi Pizza (3552 N Mississippi) this Sunday to prove it once again. Members include familiar names Kaia Wilson (Team Dresch, The Butchies), Jenny Hoyston (Erase Eratta) and Katy Davidson (Dear Nora) but I’m pretty sure they’ll be in character for the likes of Gordon Lightfoot.

Feelin' Alright soft rock cover band. From left: Kaia, Katy, Jenny.

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