Gay Portland New Year’s weekend 2012

Crave organizers DJ Alicious and MJ at last year's celebration. Photo by OSI.

It’s that time of year again folks where we all celebrate fun, friendship, quirky intersecting life movies and the joys of trying to get a cab in Portland after midnight.

Thursday the 29th

The Cafeteria – The Cafeteria is back after a Thanksgiving hiatus that all had us wondering if LunchLady really would return from Lala land for one of the best neighborhood parties in P-Town. So start your New Year’s weekend off right in faux high school style.

New Year’s Eve Eve

Guilty Pleasures: Covers only edition – Let that Beiber mania out of the closet, at least once a month at this first installment of shameful joy that balances just right. DJs and live music with the best covers ever. Recordings are destined for the nighttime airwave informericials.

Pre – New Years Eve Holiday Formal – A chance to test out those new dress shoes (they can be a killer, as NYE 2011) and that outfit you’ve been waffling about. It’s like a dress rehearsal. Plus it’s free (which you won’t be able to say about tomorrow) and has sweet sounds from Mr. Charming and Roy-G-Biv, plus Saucebox’s signature snacks and cocktails. Perfect. This may actually be my NYE for reals.

New Year’s Eve! The night is here.

Hotflash/Inferno New Years Eve – Sometimes you just want a put together frown-up party and NYE is just the time to take advantage of free champagne and buffets. This is the night for you then. It’s at the unpretentious Red Lion on the river so you not only get beautiful views but don’t have to pay though the nose for a room when the bubbles have gone through your head. Cheaper entry after 10 without all the foodstuffs.

Crave presents New Years Eve Glitterati – If you want to know where all the hippest college girls home for the holidays are going to be, wonder know more, this is the place. And qPDX is proud to be a sponsor of visiting co-eds for, I dunno, a few years now. The organizers are home themselves, hopefully with some new tricks up their sleeves picked up in their new home, Los Angeles. Oh, and Crush’s delicious drinks are only 2 bucks before 10p.

A Queer New Year – Genderf***ing Takeover is taking over Red Cap in a benefit for the also charitable Sisters of Perepetual Indulgence. It’s like a circle jerk of holiday good will. Plus, they promise the drinks (just the drinks?) are cheap ad strong, so, you know, there’s that. And an “iced” photobooth. Not sure what it means but it sounds festive and gay. Some really great DJs from along the west coast make this the best drag style alterna-queer NYE party.

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  • MJ

    Thanks for the mention, as always, Alley! Looks like the NYE options are pretty sparse this year? That means Crave will likely be just as packed as Pride. Get ready grrrls!