Thanksgiving weekend with Tristan Taormino erotica, Just Us! for Monica Taylor, a Peaches Christ Blow Po and an Inferno of women

Have a gay Thanksgiving with this rainbow turkey and be thankful I didn't choose the image of the naked bear as meaty centerpiece


Riot Wednesdays present Riot: RewindDJ Rhienna keeps it real with cross colors early 90s hip hop style so you can go into the holiday season with a fond memories of Christmas music and fashion wishes past.


Portland’s young crowd from across the country often doesn’t have family in town or needs a break from family on holidays so nightlife goes on. But this year it seems everyone decided to stay in with wine and tryptophan induced coma. I’m totally ok with that…Happy Thanksgiving!

And for those of you who don’t have plans and are at a loss as to what to do our friends over at Dave Knows Portland put together a list of things to do on Thanksgiving (and Christmas day) every year!


Just Us! for Monica Taylor benefit – A chance to dance off the tofurky gravy for a good cause. Misdiagnosis and medical mistreatment have left Taylor with mounting medical and legal bills, as if you don’t have enough to deal with just battling an illness. For more on her story and to contribute you can visit Monica’s ChipIn page. You can also just show up this Friday and make it a little less black with sounds from DJs Beyondadoubt, Freddie Fagula, and Lustasche, gaily hosted by Katey Pants aka Roy G Biv.


Tristan Taormino

Genderbending erotica with Tristan Taormino – Hottest Wesleyan alum whose asshole you’re likely to ever see, will be at IOW to read from her new anthology Take Me There now available  from Cleis Press. The tome, which focuses on trans* and genderqueer erotic subjects includes big name gender outlaws such as Kate Bornstein, Pat Califia and Ivan Coyote among many others. Taormino will be joined locally by our own superstars Cooper Lee Bombadier, Sophia St James and Wyatt Riot. It’s pay what you can and some steamy reading you won’t want to miss. Judge by the bookstore’s fogged windows.

Hotflash Inferno dance party – The hottest party for women over 35 has become the hottest party for women period. And the early hour means you can party longer or perhaps invite that well-mannered gentlewoman over for a nightcap.

Blow Pony vs Peaches Christ – Following some of the controversy and its unfortunate aftermath of last month’s Blow Pony makes me sad. It certainly means that Portland’s biggest queer party is changing. But the dragtastic religulosity of Peaches Christ is a pretty damn good consolation prize. Did you know she has her own holiday store? Talk about Black Friday…


Portland Drum Fair II – Drum vendors, vintage sets to drool over and performances by the hard-rockin’ Lauren K Newman and double drum dimensia of STLS. For just being “that guy that hangs out with the band” the drummer sure holds it all together and a drum drives the rhythm in a primal way no other instrument can. Today is the day to celebrate that.

Oh and it may be Monday but you probably don’t want to miss Girl in a Coma at the Doug Fir either…

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