Thanksgiving weekend with Tristan Taormino erotica, Just Us! for Monica Taylor, a Peaches Christ Blow Po and an Inferno of women

Have a gay Thanksgiving with this rainbow turkey and be thankful I didn't choose the image of the naked bear as meaty centerpiece


Riot Wednesdays present Riot: Rewind – DJ Rhienna keeps it real with cross colors early 90s hip hop style so you can go into the holiday season with a fond memories of Christmas music and fashion wishes past.


Portland’s young crowd from across the […]

Happy Thanksgiving Darcelle and all!

Darcelle loves the holiday season

In honor of your Thanksgiving day feast I want to present you with 80-year-old local drag legend Darcelle on KPTV FOX 12’s Thanksgiving Cook-a-thon. They get pretty silly, bordering on raunchy, for mainstream TV. Without Darcelle, she says, they would have had a “dirty bird,” which is likely true, as she was the only one brave enough to stuff her hands in between the […]

Thanksgiving holiday weekend happenings

Milk-n-Hunny Saturday at Red Cap

Whether you are with your biological family or a chosen one, I hope all have a day full of food to be thankful for. I know I’m certainly thankful to live in a city with so much to do, even on a holiday weekend. So use those extra days off!


Lez Stand Up with Kupp! – One of the funniest ladies I know […]