A gay weekend of Halloween ghosts, ghouls and cover bands

Zombie cheerleaders are a perfect outfit for 'Haunted Cafeteria' and more proof that Halloween is the gayest holiday


Haunted Cafeteria – School daze goes spooky so have your dead cheerleader costumes and Carrie style pigs blood ready for this party that has it’s little neighborhood venue bursting at the seems every month. And the man behind it all? Well, that would be our DJ of the Week, your adorable LunchLady.


Wicked Awesome cover bands party – This half dance party half cover band show is truly going to be epic. You can read all about it in yesterday’s interview with creator Freddie Fagula.

Q Center & Crush present Mas-Q-Rade – Perhaps more of a gentile or at least community feel to Halloween in the oh-so-swanky-dark tomb of Crush. They always have interesting drink specials so it will be interesting to see what they come up with for Halloween. I’m expecting smoke.

Black Friday – Goth is Halloween all year long. This first iteration of monthly darkness, decadence and debauchery costs $6.66 to enter the belly of the beast.


GenderF***ing Takeover Halloween edition – This celebration of eviscerating gender boundaries adds a crossdressing dimension to your costuming. It’s a benefit for SMYRC and one of Portland’s best kept secrets hosted by the Tampon Troupe‘s Carla Rossi, with tunage from American Girls and DJs Roy G Biv and Pocketrock-it.

Hot Flash Inferno – The hottest party for the over 30 set promises an inferno of costumed goodness. Costume contests for both groups and individuals comes with cash prizes. So put your best face, or mask, forward.

Creepy Carnal BallSexiness and creepiness have always gone hand in hand for this holiday. It’s both fun and uncomfortable, but perfect for freak show go-goes as well as my friend Katey P who plans to dress as a sexy pizza.

Zombie Prom Halloween bash – Practice for the zombie apocalypse at our favorite all gay venue.


Mystikal Entertainment’s 1st Annual Horror Fest – The state capital’s biggest queer friend Halloween party. If you’re in the Salem area this is where you’ll want to be.

Homo Hallow‘s Eve – Holocene hosts a big gay party with proceeds benefiting riders in the 2012 AIDS LifeCycle. Your weekend began with DJ LunchLady on the decks so its appropriate that you should round it out with his gay fun as well.


For the past couple years Halloween has fallen on the weekend itself but Monday makes it tough to keep the party going. That’s OK, it’s a perfect night to cuddle with your sweetie and watch scary movies in between handing out candy (my house has a whole cauldron) to adorable children. I’m currently taking recommendations of good horror flicks, and apps for a cuddle buddy too I suppose.

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