A weekend of Jelly Rolls and Chunky Dunks, chicas and chickas (boom), and a badass Booty reunion

Gaycation's Mr Charming performing at Booty back in the day...i comes full circle in the inner SE gay strip...


Don’t forget to keep your eyes in Latino Gay Pride all weekend long!


Poison Waters & friends happy hour show – Good ol’ fashioned drag divaliciousness in the relaxed atmosphere of Al’s Den at the new Crystal Hotel.

Jelly RollThis is billed as a party for fat folkes and allies but I think it’s going to be much more than that. I hear that one of the best dressed backup dancers I’ve ever seen, Melody Awesomazing, will be performing. I can’t think of a better way to start of a weekend of chub empowerment than with her glitter facial hair and neon stockings.

ChickaBoomBoomRecords by ladies, spun by ladies. More info from Lyska earlier in the week.


Chocolate & Spicy City Latino Gay Pride Chicas social – This night of La Lucha PDX Pride is reserved for the latinas and their ladies. Two great groups of color are each bringing DJs to the table and giving papis and gringas alike a break from the pop heavy queer dance night soundtrack with some latin mixes, reggaetón, hip-hop y más.

Gaycation! – Did they pioneer the use of the exclamation point marketing tactic. Who cares? This longest running queer party in awhile deserves that exclamation point. It’s that good. Unfortunately, it has to compete with a fellow kick ass old-timer…

Booty reunion – Hot damn, talk about long running kickass queer dance party, I cut my teeth on the epic Thursday night Booty, back in the day. All the old regulars with be there including DJs Puppet, MoRocka, Kinetic, JimmeJamma, DarkCloud & Stormy. So will Feyonce and even J-Ho at the door! Plus if you got some junk in the trunk and think you can shake it, the Booty Bounce Contest could earn you a Benjamin. Let the size positivity continue!


Chunky Dunk pool party – Time for us fatties to get wet and wind down the weekend in proper summer swim style. This almost didn’t happen this year, but I’m so pleased that we can all enjoy an all size and gender party with a pool in the ‘hood.




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