DJ of the Week — Stormy Roxx

DJ Stormy Roxx

Every week (or so…) we introduce you to a local LGBTQ party DJ and ask them about their experiences in the scene and feature an audio mix they’ve made. If you’re interested in being featured contact

DJ Stormy has been one of my favorites since the early days of Skervy and Booty, which really ushered me into alterna-queer Portland nightlife. He’s been playing this town […]

A weekend of Jelly Rolls and Chunky Dunks, chicas and chickas (boom), and a badass Booty reunion

Gaycation's Mr Charming performing at Booty back in the day…i comes full circle in the inner SE gay strip…


Don’t forget to keep your eyes in Latino Gay Pride all weekend long!


Poison Waters & friends happy hour show – Good ol’ fashioned drag divaliciousness in the relaxed atmosphere of Al’s Den at the new Crystal Hotel.

Jelly Roll – This is billed as a party for […]

Photos from last night’s Booty Reunion

The crowd held up fingers to signify which contestant's booty they thought bounced the best.

I used to live a few blocks away from Porky’s and remember happening across the awesomeness that was Booty. Stars aligned last night as the old crew (now geographically scattered) hosted a fabulous reunion party complete with a booty-bouncing contest and double dutch jump roping! Check out pics here.

Be sure to catch Booty […]

Things to do this weekend: Booty Edition

Just some of the super hot go go dancers, Chase Bender, Chance McKinsey, & Storm Titley, appearing at Queer Cornucopia

Looks like we are all finally recovered from Pride, because the weekends are back. There’s more than enough to keep you busy but the most exciting reunion of this week (cuz, yeah, there’s more comin’ up) is the return of Puppet and Stormy‘s Booty: Queer as Ye Be. But […]

Puppet Returns! Double Down features special guest DJs this Sat

Double Down Gets Raided!

Welcome back from the bay! (at least temporarily) DJ Puppet, (who founded the original Booty night!!) will be joining local heroes Mr Charming (Gaycation) and Stormy (DeLicious, amongst others) on the wheels of steel at Double Down on Saturday night! Dykes, dudes, queers, fags, drags, pirates, cats?

Shiver me’ timbers, get down and boogie and give up the Booty! Double Down Gets Raided!

It will […]

Booty reunites this Friday

Photo by Marty Davis / Just OutParty people bust it out at the last Booty.

Those of us with some history in this town will remember Booty: Queer as Ye Be with fondness.

When Booty finally furled its sail last September and Portland lost all 3 founding members, it was a sad sad day. But still we drank through our tears. And this Friday, our loyalty will be rewarded.

Booty […]

Booty revisited

So my friends, the day has come and gone. Booty is officially over for good. But we sent it off good and proper last night.

I was a bit worried when I showed up around 8:30 and Crush was terribly empty. But sometime around 10 I went to the bathroom and when I emerged the club had become a sardine can. In fact I made the mistake of going outside […]

The last Booty

It’s painful to sit down and write this post. Booty has shaped my queer adult existence in Portland. It’s become the longest running alterna-queer dance party in Portland’s history. And it’s all coming to an end tomorrow.

Let’s hope we can also keep as happy a face as Puppet during Booty’s final hours…

I feel there’s not much more I can say as part of the nostalgia train that I […]

Booty’s last days have moved


As if all the turmoil and loss surrounding the last 3 nights of Booty weren’t enough, turns out the party is being moved as well. Formerly of Plan B/Acme, the Booty’s final days, starting with tomorrow night, will actually be held at nearby Crush (1400 SE Morrison). So at least it’s familiar. I will miss the huge outside area in the back of Plan B but in general I […]

Bye bye Booty…

Puppet with Stormy at the Dj booth back in the day…Aren’t they adorable?

Just the day before yesterday I got confirmation on the sad sad news. It has taken me awhile to actually sit down and write this through the tears. Yes kiddies, Portland’s longest running queer party for the piratecore is ending as the summer fades into fall…

I was actually there that first fateful day in April of […]