The weekend after Pride…

ElleMC is way better than Ke$ha and she'll be here Friday night at JunKtion

Seems to me if you’re not one of the many going to either San Francisco or Seattle Prides this weekend you might still be in recovery, but there are some decent options if you gotta keep the party going


JunKtion! – Rapper, singer, songwriter, skateboarder and dually named ElleMC aka Swagatha Christie will make the Local Lounge pop with her dope rhymes before the dance party begins. Maybe an all-female skateboard dance troupe ala the Sprockettes will bust it out?

Heavy Metal Ladies Night – Iron Man ain’t got nothin’ on us. Sloans is the most badass bar in Portland. You know, the one with the semi-truck pokin’ out the front? Perfect venue to celebrate the female headbangers.

Drag Bingo fundraiser for the Steven Leider LGBTQ Scholarship – If you’re down in Corvallis this is the place to be, especially since this college town knows how important it is for the queers to get educated. So we’ve lent you the legendary Poison Waters for the night. Treat her well.


Closer Festival gay/lesbian meetupThe Closer Festival is for techno lovers of all genders and sexualities going on all weekend across the Rose City. But I did want to highlight that a local lez is organizing a friendly faces get together for the ladies during the afternoon set at Col. Summers Park, while Saturday night the fest moves to Red Cap/Boxxes.

Portland Lesbian Choir presents “American Woman” – We a big mess of a country but damn if we don’t have some hot ladies it’s tough to stay away from. I fully expect the lesbian choir to embrace this conflicting history with charm and voice.


Passion of the Rose salutes the ISRC College of Monarchs – I never really did get the whole big gay royalty thing but it’s a big deal to a lot of folks and it seems to be tied with schools, scholarships and general goodness, so I’m all for it. Poison Waters and the empresses will be in full regalia to benefit both The Audria M. Edwards and the Pride of the Rose Scholarship Funds.

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