Super sonic weekend of Joey Arias, dirtbags, sweet tea, little art, big causes, and some butt plug double trouble

Butt Plug Klub welcomes Kaj-Anne Pepper back to PDSex

What else do you really need to do this weekend but ensconce yourself in QDoc? OK, fine. Here’s a bunch of other cool stuff, but I’m tired, so commentary is short.


Dirtbag! – No less a fabulous femme kickass DJ than she ever was, Gutter Glamour has reemerged from the chrysalis as Bruce la Bruiser. Joined by guest Freddie Fagula the DJ duo will get you on the floor and make you weep all in one. It’s a free party in the heart of Alberta that will slyly introduce new wave to the pop laden queer scene and I, for one, embrace the infiltration.

Sweet Tea at the Fixin’ To – I think it’s awesome that there’s a neighborhood queer night up in St Johns. And really I’ve been meaning to go. But when there’s so much awesome Thursday action in inner NoPo it’s hard to truck out to the 8000 block. Still, I hear it’s awesome. Let me know?

2nd Annual Little Art, Big Cause – I really don’t know anything about this other than there’s art for sale that benefits Cascade AIDS Project, but I’m always supportive of a little David and Goliath type underdog story, so I’m behind the cause. Scandals has always been a welcoming place of respite for me, whether it was at night escaping a club, or lunchtime back when I still worked at OregonLive. Plus happy hour all night long.


Butt Plug Klub’s return of Kaj-Anne Pepper – Oh how we’ve missed the genderqueer antics of preeminent diva Kaj-Anne Pepper while she has been roaming the world. But Portland has a strong pull, and the former head homo is back. What better place to re-introduce oneself than the place where OG Blo Po peeps go to get away from the new crowd of hangers on?


Double Trouble Gemini party – My mother once told me that she held her legs closed as long as she could not to have a Gemini, and luck favored her, bringing me into the world on the first day of Cancer. But I’ve known some fine Geminis in my day and still feel the pull of those two-faced twins in my own astrological whinging. So why not celebrate our dualities with a big ol’ Gemmi b-day celebration? It reminds me my own 30th is just around the corner. Yikes!

Fucking Lesbian Bitches

Facebook appreciation with Joey Arias – I’m not really sure what FB has to do with it all, but just in case you weren’t among Thursday’s QDoc elite, (or you were just too lazy to go out on a week night) you have another chance to catch the amazing Joey Arias. Much more than just drag, everything about Joey is real, raw, and beautifully genuine. So whatever he’s got planned for Vaseline Alley is going to be good.

Maricones al Matadora – This almost weekly party is usually so awesome and packed it doesn’t need attention from the likes of me. But apparently it’s been on a little hiatus? Anyhow, it’s back and I’m sure to be a tight, sweaty, hot male squeeze. As it always has been every time I’ve been able to get myself away from the east side.


Super Sonic Tonic Sunday – Punk rawk bitches! Tombstalker. Fucking Lesbian Bitches. Blues Druid. They sounds too hardcore for me (except for maybe Blues Druid, that sounds kinda pansy woo woo) but they’re just right for those who’ve kept closer to their dyke rock roots. Should be an awesome show.

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