Learn about the ‘Birds & the Bees’ and ‘feel like you did when you were 16’ in the Cafeteria with Homomentum, Kaia Wilson, STLS, the Butt Plug Klub

Teenage dream Kaia wilson sings songs from her 90s rock roots Friday at Mississippi Pizza


Neal Morgan, Hungry Ghost, STLS & New-Dadz DJ AssociationGet in the drum line for this booming early show at The Know (2026 NE Alberta). Percussion punk is alive and well in Northeast.

The Cafeteria with guest DJ Mr Charming – Lunch trays and crunk gays is the perfect neighborhood dance spot for the almost weekend. In case you’ve missed Mr Charming at any of her other super successful parties and appearances lately you get another chance. She and DJ Lunch Lady made it rain downstairs at Blow Pony last weekend and this will be the same, except smaller and more elite.


Homomentum presents the Birds & the Bees The final installment of the season will be asking, better yet, answering, those pesky spring induced questions about where babies come. So it’s time to return to your innocence while watching randy drag and performance art headed my favorites like the Drag Mansion and ChiChi and Chonga. I can’t promise a Q&A but I’m sure here will be plenty of time for practice after the show.

Butt Plug Klub hosted by Bulimianne Rhapsody and The Tampon Troupe – And here’s your chance to put into practice what you just learned. Helpful DJ teachers come from all of Portland’s best parties, even the seminal (hehe) alterna-queer dance sensation. That’s right Booty’s Stormy is back behind he decks for this ass focused rite of spring. Effed-up drag queen hosts and the the other DJs Mr Charming (Gaycation), Roy G Biv (Bent), Grant and Lustasche (Blow Pony)are ready lead you into the world of Nopo sex toy celebrating parties. It’s time to taste the rainbow.

Kaia Wilson‘s I wanna feel like I did when I was 16 – Now that’d you’ve relearned the basics of boys and girls it’s time relive those magical days of when your knowledge of queer culture was barely emerging from your newly hair sprouting body, back when you worshipped Ani and dyke bands like pioneers Team Dresch. Frontwoman Kaia Wilson is ready to take you back here with renditions of her very first album and other songs from 1983 to 1996. This ain’t no April Foolin’.

YNR does April Fools Day – Get downright silly in the state capital’s gay bar Flipside (285 Liberty St NE) with hip hop MC YNR.


Rock’tion 2011 fundraiser – The second day of the weekend is dedicated to helping other young girls and dykelets to experience that same teenage magic with this Rock’n’Roll Camp 4 Girls (RnRC4G) fundraiser. But even if altruism isn’t your first instinct how can you pass up auctions for signed guitars from Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, from the Wilson sisters of Heart, or Joan Jett, Ani DiFranco, Indigo Girls, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and BB King? How many offer drum lessons with Beck’s drummer Scott McPherson, Jose Medeles of The Breeders, or John Moen of The Decemberists?


Inlaws & Outlaws screeningClark County Pride Foundation is hosting a movie screening as a Pride 2011 fundraiser in my increasingly LGBT friendly hometown the ‘Couv.

Dirty Porno Bingo Mile High edition – Get pie in the sky with ChiChi and Chonga as they present an up in the air version of DPB. Featured porn is a double disc called Taking Flight starring Matthew Rush with parts 1&2 included

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