C.L.I.T. Fest PDX brings the punk rock/DIY weekend

Palo Verde's Lauren K Newman (left) and Terrica Kleinknecht

C.L.I.T. Fest (Combating Latent Inequality Together) is a DIY punk fest with music, workshops, discussions, a flea market and picnicking organized to address sexism, homophobia, and transphobia in punk and to celebrate the strengths and potential of our community.

And it’s a big community. The lineup includes a vast array of local and international bands (I think about 25…and 1 is from Sweden) including Palo Verde featuring the guitar god(des), long hair-swinging, riffs of Lauren K Newman, who is at once frightening and awe-inspiring.

There’s plenty more loud music that only true underground followers are sure to know, but even more exciting is the addition of workshops, a flea market, and a sunny park lunch to this all ages event. On one hand holding the conference at far flung venues around town sounds a bit inconvenient, it can also bring together punks who may not normally venture farther than their neighborhood borders.  Thursday’s show, for example, is deep in SE at the grindzebo (1804 SE Franklin St) fueling your rock attitude with vegan/veggie-friendly BBQ.

Friday and Saturday we’re back up to my hood, the N/NE border with shows at the Waterheater (750 N Fremont), this time with beer, wine and food carts. Both days also have workshops, the 2 sexy ones being my favorites. I think I’d need an advanced degree in masturbation and sex toys but I’m always happy to be surprised by new information, or help out those that need the practice.

Saturday scratches the shopping itch with a punkass swap meet. Bring your homemade goods, records, mix tapes, art and other stuff to sell/trade. Portland’s a creative place. I’m sure there will be some gems.

Sunday moves even farther north up to Farragut Park (Vancouver Ave at Farragut) for an afternoon release. I’m not sure if you can ever call hardcore relaxing music but it’s as close to jazz in the park as the punks are likely to get. And in true gay Portland style it’s a potluck. Make it vegan-friendly if you can, but if you can’t bring bacon covered dates and they’ll go faster than any other dish.

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