Pride Sunday's the day...parade and all

Cazwell and Amanda Lepore will be at the Stark Street Block Party

So yeah, the 11:30 step off time for the Portland Pride Parade is pretty much a guesstimate, and we’ve all just been partying for 4 days, so Gay Standard Time is general operating procedure. But it’s the 40th anniversary of the first Gay Pride (Lordy lordy look who’s 40…) so you better be there with your fairy-ass bells on, even if there is a little sprinkling. If there is any rain I’m sure it’s just “God” telling us to wake up and parade already.

And yes, qPDX will be there, tweeting (twatting), parading, handing out stickers, buttons and flyers, in our best supergay outfits including newly fashioned qPDX “beater” tank tops courtesy Mike Burt. There’s a couple extra so if you march with us and/or are real lucky, you might get one too.

And of course once we reach the Waterfront I usually tool around for awhile and giggle at baby dykes purchasing their first set of Freedom Rings, fully expecting to head home. But oh no, it ain’t over yet folks

6th annual
Stark Street Block Party with an after party at Boogie BoutiqueThere’s really too much good stuff to list at this super ‘hood extravaganza but what I’m squeeing over? Cazwell! Dirty as fuck NYC rapper who puts on a damn good, damn danceable show.

Taking Pride in Stark StreetThe other block party. I love the laid back Scandals but I already talked about it, and it’s gonna be pale in comparison to next door. Sorry boys.


Don’t you miss Recess?!Hot lady party hosted by the attractively named Jordana and featuring the most famous stripper in Portland on the decks DJ Malice. In the intimate, even though it’s bi-leveled, Report, it’s all sexy schoolgirls and naughty librarians. Except this cafeteria has some killer happy hour nibbles and 3 dollar rainbow bombs.

Pride “Wrap-up” party has you covered – Although the poster may be a little too shiny happy people and the title a bit too clever for a condom-celebrating soiree, this wrap up is sure to be anything but a gimmick. My boy Joey Casio who I went to arts high school with and who used to rap on any subject of your choosing for a quarter is in attendance and Sistafist is sponsoring a wet briefs contest! Oh wrap me up in that baby!

And yes, the parties at the E Room, It Ain’t Over Till I Say It’s Over and the Slaughters Beach Bash are still in full effect if you prefer your local and/or lack a sense of adventure.

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