Last night's Gender Bender-fit and Do the Dark

DJ Freddie Fagula at Do the Dark

Why are we constantly plagued with camera issues? A curse on both our houses? qPDX needs an equipment sugar daddy y’all…But for reals, I did at least get a few crappy shots from last night’s Gender Bender and Do the Dark. Even if I am more excited to see the portraits from Wednesday’s Gay Pizza, taken by the lovely Deya Card. Put ’em up girl!

The Bender was well attended so being to little advertised, and though none of the performers were known before they took stage either there was a pretty good mix of hip hop dance with Swagger, lovely vocals from Danielle Ward and the BB Doll‘s Stellah and Rasha, and some straight up Latin drag.

As a whole it seemed a little slapped together, or perhaps a little 90s, but I loved the raffle and the Oprah moments like getting a prize for finding a flamingo under your chair. And even if there was a little disorganization, the performances were all pretty stellar and if they were put together at the last minute it didn’t show. And everyone looked great. The juxtaposition of Heat in goth eye make up and gruff transmen bootblacking was precious.

And it was all for a good cause of course, even if it did make me uncomfortable to know that the same recipient received the spoils as last year. I’m all for raising money for trans people in our community, but that community is big, and lotsa folks need surgery, whether they work at the E Room or not.

I’m sure the dance party continued but I was off to another venue. I heard some complaining that Do the Dark was a but sparsely attended but I was unconcerned.

For one there were $2.50 wells and I got just the right amount of tipsy. Secondly, I enjoy having a little space on my dance floor and it was not an empty one. I like to call it a slow build up. Because I’m going ot be surrounded by hordes of people for the next couple weeks of my life, a little room to breathe was ok with me.

And I even got a chance to chat with DJ Freddie Fagula who’s really big party, One Night Stand is tonight. He wanted to know, off the record, what I was most looking forward to tonight, and not just to say his event…I replied that I was happy to go on the record saying I AM indeed excited for his event, as well as movies at Holocene, and Eric Seller’s house party.

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