Best albums of 2009

Lady Gaga

Many of us have been traumatized by the year 2009, and we are happy to leave the aughts behind in favor of a brand new decade. And this is probably why it has taken me so long to will myself to look back at the good times. So now, in the slow news months of late winter I am finally getting around to profiling some of last year’s best music, movies, and television.

First up, the Top 5 Gay Albums of 2009. Stay tuned for some of the last decade’s bests towards the end of the month.

5 – The Lovers – I am the west and The XX – XX

Ok, so my top 5 is really a top 7 as the 4th and 5th spots are both ties. But art-indie darlings from opposite ends of the globe deserve accolades. Portland’s Lovers have been called aurally haunting, and a big-rhythm, hook-laden, and reminiscent of the Cars and the Rentals. The UK’s XX have also had much critical acclaim with their melodic electro-symphonies.

4 – Adam Lambert – For your Entertainment and Lady Sovereign – Jigsaw

Adam Lambert does not bring to mind true originality or greatness with his Freshman release but there is no doubt that he made a huge commercial splash in 2009, bringing the gays to reality TV glory…or something. In something of an unfortunately opposite direction Lady Sovereign‘s sophomore release landed with a bit of a thud, though I thought this album was much more nuanced musically, rhythmically and lyrically than previous tracks. She’s still in my fav 5.

3 – Tegan and Sara – Sainthood

This album was not a huge departure but the lesbionic Canadian twins, Tegan and Sara continue to turn out solid pop hits and fashionista haircuts to be envied. They are continually a good time, and they continue to be inspirational to the youguns. Girl power.

The Gossip

2 – The Gossip – Music for Men

While it pains me not to put The Gossip’s newest in the number 1 spot, they were narrowly eclipsed by another favorite of mine. Nevertheless, I can never say enough good things about the local pop rock royalty and their queen, the indomitable vocal diva, Beth Ditto.

1 – Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster

Lady Gaga has burst onto the scene like no other queer performance art envelope-pusher this year. No one can deny that she has brought, the weird, the queer, the raunchy and the wonderous right into American living rooms that we hardly would have considered ready for her odd brilliance. And yet, she continues to get as more famous as she does strange. Oh yeah, and you can totally dance to her music.

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