Lesbian bookworms

"Whispers in the Wind" by Frankie Jones

Despite our grey skies and perpetually falling drizzle Portland lesbians are some of the best when it comes to going out. That said, winter can be more about reading a novel cozied up to the fireplace and, if you’re lucky, maybe a little snuggling.

Split the difference and head out to one of the many literary lady lovin’ events.

This Saturday at Vino Vixens (2929 SE Powell Blvd) the PDX Lesbian Network hosts Group date for women who love books at 7pm.

Yep, books. Single women readers, writers, librarians, bookstore denizens, bindery press operators (but not book-burners!) are all welcome and encouraged to attend and meet other women who share your passion. Do I sense an impending Book Group? Why, yes… Lesley has already suggested organizing a group to read Philosophy and/or History. Plus, “books” is such a broad, deep topic that there is likely any number of groups that could be started by the enthusiastic, the civic-minded, or anyone with a low threshold for boredom.

Next month, begins the annual pink and red heart fest. For both the lovers and the cynics the ongoing Lesbian Book Salon will be reading and discussing a valentine favorite – Whispers in the Wind, by Frankie Jones, a tale of love, friendship and a trip through time.

Reviewer J Alston calls it: “A well written love story that transcends the normal, yet makes perfect sense.”

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