'Portland Queer' anthology wins Lamda Literary Award

Portland Queer anthology edited by Ariel Gore

It was exciting enough when the chronicling of our town’s queerness made the Lamda Literary finals. But, that’s right, now it’s actually won. That’s right, the Ariel Gore edited anthology that features local lit stars such as Dexter Flowers, sts, Kathleen Bryson, Tony LeTigre, Sarah Gottesdiener, Marc Acito, Christa Orth, and Sarah Dougher, has won in the category of anthology.

And though STS may admit that her remembrance of the Empty House is a bit romanticized this only makes me happier as I recall the days of sitting on the porch, napping on the coach and frantically waiting for Ace to bring back my mother’s car. It’s almost like our lives have won an award.

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'Portland Queer' fiction anthology makes Lambda Literary Awards finals

The Ariel Gore edited Portland Queer — Tales of the Rose City has made the cut for the Lambda Literary Awards finalists in the anthologies category. Including contributors such as Dexter Flowers, sts, Kathleen Bryson, Tony LeTigre, Sarah Gottesdiener, Marc Acito, Christa Orth, and Sarah Dougher, this book has been on my to-read list for quite awhile.

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Lesbian bookworms

"Whispers in the Wind" by Frankie Jones

Despite our grey skies and perpetually falling drizzle Portland lesbians are some of the best when it comes to going out. That said, winter can be more about reading a novel cozied up to the fireplace and, if you’re lucky, maybe a little snuggling.

Split the difference and head out to one of the many literary lady lovin’ events.

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“Tuff Luck” coffee shop to perk up In Other Words

In Other Words will soon be featuring a coffee shop!

Hot and fresh –

News has it that a new coffee shop will be opening inside In Other Words, everyone’s favourite feminist bookstore! It’l be called “Tuff Luck” and serve coffee and other hot drinks and coffee related, well, products. Not much info is forthcoming yet, but they are planning on holding events to garner funds to […]

Gender Outlaws the Next Generation call for submissions


The original 'Gender Outlaw'

Kate Bornstein & S Bear Bergman, eds

Deadline: 1 September 2009

Project Overview:

In the fifteen years since the release of Gender Outlaw, transgender narratives have made their way into cultural locations from the margins to the mainstream and back again. Today’s trannies and other sex/gender radicals are writing a radically new world into being. GENDER OUTLAWS : THE NEXT GENERATION (Seal Press) will collect and contextualize the work of this generation’s most forward-thinking trans/genderqueer voices—new voices from the stage, on the streets, in the workplace, in the bedroom, and on the pages and websites of the world’s most respected mainstream news sources. Edited by that ol’ original Gender Outlaw herself, Kate Bornstein and writer, raconteur, and theater artist S. Bear Bergman, GENDER OUTLAWS : THE NEXT GENERATION will include essays, commentary, comic art and conversation from a diverse a group of trans-spectrum people who live and believe in barrierbreaking lives.

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