The last Fruitcake ever is tonight

DJ Nolita is leaving us!

We all knew that Fruitcake was struggling when it lost its Northeast Portland venue to the lures of medical marijuana, but the final death throes came when founder DJ Nolita announced she was leaving Portland for the wide open sea of San Fran. Not only will she be missed, but so will the insiders night that quickly became a Nopo favorite. Our only consolation? A grand farewell tonight at Portsmouth Pizza (5264 N Lombard).

Tonight’s FREE goodbye bash features Fruitcake mainstays and friendly DJs Freddie Fagula (Fruitcake), Permanent Wave (Casual Encounters, Art Party), Yer Momm (Blowpony) and Gottesfinger (Manic Mondays, Art Party). It’s large venue leaves plenty of space for dancing, mingling, gaming, and even quietly crying or making out in a dark corner.

Even more salacious, and philanthropic to boot, will be the kissing booth to benefit Haiti. All proceeds will go to grassroots relief organizations but if you just want the snoggin’ you won’t be disappointed. Hotties of both the butch and femme persuasion will be available for your lusty lips, and while I don’t know the exact charge, I guarantee it will be worth it.

But don’t wear yourself out too badly, because the reigning queen of the queer dance scene, Blow Pony, is tomorrow. Are your dancing shoes ready for this?

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