Homomentum kicks off Saturday with Freakeasy Speakeasy

homomentum oct small

October's Homomentum: Freakasy Speakeasy. Photo by Kina Williams

The Halloween season is upon us, and what better way to to kick off your ghoulish gayness than with a themed cabaret. This Saturday sees the first installment of Pants Off Production’s Homomentum talent shows at the E Room (3701 SE Division) at 8pm.

Crowd favorites Cattitude, Beefcake Burlesque, Untrained, I, and Pidgeon Von Tramp of the Von Foxies will all be a part of the debut performance. Seeing what they do with a sexy/gross 1920s Halloween theme will be creepily mesmerizing.

Were there black cats in the background of Radclyffe Hall’s Well of Loneliness? Was Duchamp secretly a vampire? What kinds of dark and monsterous proclivities did Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas really take part in behind closed doors? And what really happens when a dandy rises from the dead?

You may find the combination of the underworld, the roaring 20s and the uber-gay “glitter and ridiculousity” a tough one to tackle, but I see this as a unique opportunity to take some familiar characters and make them jump through glorious fiery hoops…the the audiences advantage. I have no doubt that these undead will most certainly rise to the occasion and give us a spine-chillingly exciting fright.

Please, suck my blood.

Also don’t miss November’s Time-Warp Talent Show, November 14th, and December’s Snow-pocolypse, December 12th.

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