PLGFF Thursday closing night previews


'And Then Came Lola'

In the rough road this is this nation’s economy small sacrifices abound. One of them is PLGFF’s second weekend. This ending with a whimper instead of a band makes me quite sad. Luckily, the films themselves promise to be interesting and original.

Sexy lesbians constantly running is never a bad thing, and 7pm’s quick 70 minute And Then Came Lola promises to be a run romp through the streets of San Francisco. Apparently the indie flick it is based off of, Run, Lola, Run, is already considered an art house classic, and whether And Then Came Lola, turns out to be closer to homage or parody it is sure to be fun. Anything that calls to mind the ultra-hot Franka Potente is a must see for me.

Arguably more fascinating but less hot is 9pm’s An Englishman in New York starring John Hurt as the iconic Quentin Crisp. Crisp’s queeny English fame shot up after Hurt originally starred in his memoir in 1975. He revisits the role 30 years later in this unique biopic rendering.

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