Homomentum off to a raging start with Saturday’s Freakeasy Speakeasy


Jodi Bon Jodi does the mummy striptease. Photo by Erin Rook

Homomentum‘s first performance in the aptly named E Room Tomb was a dark Halloween success. Fall has seen a slowdown in the queer nightlife calendar, but by shortly after 8pm the Tomb was filled with bright eyed audience members. Clocking in at just an hour it left us wanting more, which, luckily, we only have to wait a month for.

Jodi Bon Jodi opened the show with a mummy striptease. All those wrappings are perfect for the tease, and who doesn’t appreciate a little creepiness mixed in with sexuality. This theme continued with with dark makeup sported by CJ in his accented rendition of Britney Spears’ “Toxic.”

My favorite piece, however, was dark and creepy only in it’s close relation to the truth. In a melancholy jig about breakups, Untrained, I‘s Max and Roz literally tugged on each other’s heartstrings, as they also pulled on the audience’s. Something that easily could have been trite was instead tender, even as the strings attached to their sweatshirts were finally cut.

Cute, silly, creepy and hot, Freakeasy Speakeasy was low key success. Fun and inspiring, it left plenty of time to go out afterword properly inspired. At a mere $5-7 its the perfect Fall performance trick and treat. November’s Time Warpt Talent Show and December’s Snowpocalypse are already on my social calendar.

(More pictures coming later today!)

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