Craigslist Missed Connections – Just a Portland Phenomenon?

Come on, admit it. You’ve all done it-cruised the ads, that is, hopelessly mining the black 10pt Times New Roman on white, or even in your RSS feed viewer if you’re a technophile, searching for that elusive flash of recognition. Or maybe you just like the drama, the requests for initials, the coded messages between Frogbelly and Ratboy, the tortured twisted poetry sent out into the cold world of the intarweb, transmitted but only possibly received…or the slanderous name slinging and “your dead to me” threats, or even, maybe, the “me: brown hair, blue eyes, you: black tee, blue jeans, short hair, you looked at me for a second from the other side of Holocene, meet me for coffee?” infused jabs of wistfulness.

Heavy Traffic: Portland's missed connections on CL

Whatever it is, you’ve done it. Read, that is. Skimmed. Maybe you’ve even posted your own ad? What is it about the missed connections ads in this town-everyone’s reading them, everyone’s writing them, are we too shy to talk to people up front any more? What happened to taking risks, asking someone out? Why are we resolving (or, actually, not resolving) our issues with people in public forums?

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