The Awesomazing Show epidsode #1: ‘Tagging’

The three minds of The Awesomazing Show episode 1: Melody Awesomazing, Anthony Hudson, Nana Awesomazing

We’ve been excited for the premier of the new Awesomazing Show by Anthony Hudson and Melody Awesomazing since we covered their first teaser trailer back in August. The show, centered around Awesomazing’s obsession with Facebook is finally here. The pilot, “Tagging,” first screened at last weekend’s Shorty Shorts film festival but in case you missed that it is also available online right below.

“Tagging” also features guest star Nana Awesomazing.┬áIt’s the holiday season so we can all sympathize with the nosy family member trying to get up in our biz on Facebook.

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Are you ready for the Awesomazing Show?

I totally got this picture of Melody Awesomazing off Facebook.

OMG, I am so ready. The video below is just the preview and I’m already laughing my ass off. You know me, I tend to be verbose and want to comment on everything but this pretty much takes my speech breath (and, um, typing I guess?) away. I mean I don’t really know what to say about the new Melody Awesomazing Facebook talk show except, it’s awesome…awesomazing. SO thanks to Melody and co-producer Anthony Hudson.

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