2 Girls, 1 Podcast ep#11: New local queer publications, glitter-bombing and the best of Craigslist

We talk new publications PQ Monthly and (the return of) Just Out, gay marriage, women’s reproductive rights and politics across the country before delving into some of the best (grossest) of Craigslist. […]

Jon Stewarts ‘We’re Here. We’re Queer. Get Newsed to it.’

Jon Stewart is retiring a spoof that’s past its prime, Gaywatch, but that doesn’t mean the end of his comedic take on LGBT news. Introducing We’re Here. We’re Queer. Get Newsed to it. This is the current state of queer media satire. Love it.

Where we stand on DADT from Jon Stewart’s ‘Gaypocalypse Now’ perspective

Spotlighting John McCain‘s flip floppy nature of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (as if that’s his only contradictory issue) Jon Stewart gives an update on DADT with his segment “Gaypocalypse Now” which I’ve embedded below. This comes directly after the release of an extensive Pentagon survey that found repealing the policy would have little to no negative effect on our armed forces. There is no “queer and present danger” to speak […]

Jon Stewart’s Friendly Fire Gaywatch edition

Does Senator Lindsey Graham need to come out of the closet?

Does Senator Lindsey Graham need to come out of the closet?

We just watched Outrage the other day, a documentary about outing gay politicians with anti-gay voting records. And on Jon Stewart he addresses a couple gay issues from the right and the left in his usual hilarious way. I think my favorite part is riding the immigration rainbow from Gaysylvania to the promised land of South Carolina.