Jon Stewart’s Friendly Fire Gaywatch edition

Does Senator Lindsey Graham need to come out of the closet?
Does Senator Lindsey Graham need to come out of the closet?

Does Senator Lindsey Graham need to come out of the closet?

We just watched Outrage the other day, a documentary about outing gay politicians with anti-gay voting records. And on Jon Stewart he addresses a couple gay issues from the right and the left in his usual hilarious way. I think my favorite part is riding the immigration rainbow from Gaysylvania to the promised land of South Carolina.

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Saturday Night Live takes on the subject of gays in the military

snl-gaySome of my favorite comedic uber-gays have always been SNL‘s gay couple from New Jersey. Apparently, however, it was not a successful enough skit to make it to online video. But when Don’t Ask Don’t Tell so much in the news and even of the tip of President Obama’s tongue the dynamic duo have been brought back to Weekend Update with a gloriously military themed sketch.

It’s ok for me to make fun of Jersey, my family and I hail from there.

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The Gossip on Jimmy Kimmel

We all thought they blew up with the last album but yesterday’s release of “Music for Men” has really propelled The Gossip into the spotlight. I even heard them in a club in Mexico. And in case you missed it last night here they are performing “Heavy Cross” on Jimmy Kimmel.


Gay marriage is spreading across the (Colbert) nation

In honor of recent gay marriage happenings in Iowa and New York the indomitable satire man Stephen Colbert has created a pretty fantastic anti-gay marriage commercial that aired last night on his show.

I even learned 2 new amazing words: arma-gay-don and Gays-real. (Is Massachusetts P-town really our Mecca?)

Believe me this is 6 minutes of internet procrastination you won’t regret.

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Rachel Maddow insults Jimmy Fallon’s sissy cocktail

Everyone’s favorite lesbian anchor, Rachel Maddow, continues to light up the screen on her show…and everyone else’s. Last night she appeared on Jimmy Fallon and they had adorable banter about drinking and masculinity. Although they may have already been a little tipsy, as both kept spilling the vermouth.


Portia De Rossi apologizes for gay marriage on Jimmy Kimmel

My favorite part of this video is that the spot was paid for, in part, by the National Coalition of bonobo chimps. They’re my heroes after all.