New local hip hop entertainment group releases music video for “gayest song ever” ‘Imma Homo’

Rainbow Noise artists Cee, Loco Niinja, Jay Squared , Stud Phamous

Gays in hip hop has always been a complicated subject. It’s no longer completely unknown, Cazwell has stormed the scene, Lady Sovereign is big in the UK, Katastrophe and Athens Boys Choir are constantly touring favs, and there’s dozens of smaller queer hip hop acts both local and national.But much of mainstream urban music can still be homophobic […]

Lady Sovereign reigns supreme at the Doug Fir

Lady Sovereign

This Saturday (tomorrow) the pint-sized North London royalty Lady Sovereign takes over the uber-Northwest style Doug Fir Lounge (830 E. Burnside). Touting a new album, Jigsaw, as nuanced as her debut was virile and in-your-face, it is sure to be an internationally urban good time. Joined by Chester French and Hollywood Holt, here’s what your blogger had to say in a recent Just Out feature:


Athens Boys Choir in review


Plagued by technical difficulties, Katastrophe inexplicably MIA, and no EZ Heeb video screening, the Athens Boys Choir show was a bit of a letdown. But, although Red Bull may not have been in the best interest of trans homo-hop star Katz, a good time was had by all nevertheless.

The tiny venue of Dunes is dark an intimate and the gaggle of baby dykes and sweaty boys made […]