Athens Boys Choir in review



Plagued by technical difficulties, Katastrophe inexplicably MIA, and no EZ Heeb video screening, the Athens Boys Choir show was a bit of a letdown. But, although Red Bull may not have been in the best interest of trans homo-hop star Katz, a good time was had by all nevertheless.

The tiny venue of Dunes is dark an intimate and the gaggle of baby dykes and sweaty boys made for a great mix.

Indeed, one of the best aspects of the night was a surprise performance by a talented male singer whose name I never did catch. Although he only sang three songs his skill was evident, and he left me wanting more. It certainly didn’t hurt that throughout his act his muscle T continued to inch downward and his 2 adorable backup dancers inched ever closer to his swaying body.

When Katz did finally take the stage there was applause and cheering and a fun duet ending with Portland rapper Anaturale. It is likely I was only underwhelmed because I had just seen ABC the week before because the audience seemed pretty into it.

By the end of the set the alcohol had truly kicked in and the itty bitty dance floor was gyrating and packed. Oh, and one of those beautiful backup dancers I mentioned earlier? He danced with me as we attempted to discuss why we all love lady Gaga’s “Pokerface” so much. We never did come up with an answer, but Johnny was a great dance partner.

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  • The performer you are looking for is Joy Boy. I can't find a site on him yet. Anyone know of it? Is he local? I really liked it too.

  • Dont know anything about Joy Boy… But I do know that Katastrophe was sick, sadly, and couldn't perform. Also, not sure yet about the EZ Heeb video. I know they had a video release party in NYC for it (my friend directed it), but not sure it's full release date yet.

  • SecretKueer

    EZHeeb was shown at the Corvallis show, and it was freakin awesome.

  • HI! It's BOY JOY and thank you! please visit our myspace! 🙂