2 Girls, 1 Podcast ep#14 talks with lesbian werewolf author Allison Moon

This episode we talk with author and educator Allison Moon, author of a sci fi lesbian werewolf romance Lunatic Fringe and then make her comment on the Mars Hill vandalism, primary elections and QDoc. […]

Sadly it is Time to Pay Attention to Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum

With a frighteningly high place finish in the Iowa caucus last week, all of the sudden Rick Santorum is warranting actual, serious attention. Up until Iowa, Santorum was one of the only Republican candidates who had not had his 15 minutes of not-Romney front-running fame. Indeed, Santorum has been such a joke throughout the race that, until Iowa, Santorum’s own website came up second on google to […]

A few bright (and queer) spots post-election

Former Providence mayor and RI Congressman-elect David Cicilline. Why are gay polticians always hotter than straight ones?

Although Nationally the Senate managed to keep Democratic control and locally Kitzhaber narrowly beat out Dudley, it was a pretty bleak election for queers and liberal allies. Three Iowa Judges were voted off the bench when opponents of same-sex marriage targeted them in an intense campaign to boot them off the state […]