Dan Savage Glitter Bombed Again, Responds to Transphobia Accusations

Dan Savage

Gay rights activist and sex columnist Dan Savage, after being glitter bombed at the University of Oregon earlier this month, was yet again showered with sparkles in response to using transphobic language in his Savage Love column and on stage. This story has taken quite a few turns.

The Bilerico first reported the incident on November 14th, an article which Savage blogged, “actively and maliciously misrepresented” his […]

Breaking News: Racist, Biphobic, inflammatory stickers found on TriMet

Racist, biphobic, inflammatory stickers found on TriMet. Thank you to Keller Henry for this photo.

Just in: Keller Henry, a Portland resident and TriMet user, took a quick snapshot of a sticker found on TriMet.

My thoughts are all in a jumble about this, but I will try and make sense of it the best I can. I am a white, queer European who has been an anti-facist and […]