Get ready for a Gaycation, new Trans(It) night, March Madness and the end of the world

Tender Forever plays with Glitterfruit and Lynx this Friday at Lewis and Clark

Don’t forget that 31st Annual Gender studies Symposium at Lewis and Clark that’s running now through Friday.


Trans-It! – Portland has a pretty sizeable trans population, FTM, MTF and genderqueers all running throughout our diverse queer nightlife. But there hasn’t really been a lasting club night dedicated to the trans community yet so it’s about damn time. Tuesday’s DJ of the week, Bender, is making this a reality starting tonight at Crush so here’s to hoping it’s a big success that sticks around awhile.


Magical Gadgets with Glitterfruit, Lynx and Tender Forever – Three eclectic electronic queer music makers take over the last night of the L&C Gender Symposium in this free, all ages event. Hear Glitterfruit member Max Voltage talk music and performance in this week’s podcast episode.

Darcelle‘s happy hour show – That iconic old DQ we all love is doing up during happy hour/senior dinner hour so we can be super gay and still go to bed at a decent time. Plus its a benefit for the Living Room, a safe haven for LGBT youth in Clackamas.

Peep ShowMarch Madness – I’m not sure how invested Peep Show is in college basketball but I’ll be pretty damn excited to find out how performers such as Georgia Ray Babycakes, Serendipity Jones or Compound dance celebrate hoop culture on the queer stage. I’m hoping for some locker room time myself.


Gaycation – As if last month’s 6 year anniversary wasn’t a big enough deal this legendary party continues to up the ante. This month you get live performances by weird, wonderful and talented La Pump as well as a DJ set by Katie Stelmanis of my current favorite band Austra. Would it be weird to ask her to play her own stuff? Oh well, I guess I’ll just wear an Austra t-shirt instead…

Queerlandia – Red Cap is pulling out all the stops in for their quarterly parties celebrating the end of the world. We’re at 2 out of 4 so there’s still time to enjoy live sets by girl and boy flowers Jeau Breedlove and Sistafist and an all star 4 DJ lineup including DJ of the week, Huf ‘N Stuf. Keep on dancin’ till the world ends.


Gay Skate – qFab once again sponsors one of the only kind of family fun events that would actually be fun for me too. And this month’s all ages event benefits SMYRC so it’s all kinds of meta fun too. Roller disco outfits are always appreciated and for those of you who don’t feel comfortable with 8 wheels strapped to your feet, Rob and I will be bringing a slew of board games for fun in the snack room.

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