Community member and businessman Glenn Dugger passes away

In a bit of very sad news today I received this message about Glenn Dugger, the original owner of the iconic Stark Street Triangle bar Scandals:

Sad to share that Glenn Dugger (born June 25, 1934) founder and original owner of Scandals passed away March 12, 2012 around 2pm. He will be missed by many, including his life partner Felipe in whose arms he passed- and it is important to note the role he played as a pioneer for many of us in Oregon!

Thank you for moving is forward, and providing us a safe space since 1979 – His life will be celebrated at Scandals Bar (1125 SW Stark St. Portland, Oregon 97205) the place he created for us and in his words “a place where we are safe from people who hate us…”

The celebration of Glenn Dugger life will be held on Monday the 19th, 2012 will start a 5:30pm…ALL are welcome! I share this, and ask you to share this with you networks by request of his loving partner Felipe…thank you!

3 comments to Community member and businessman Glenn Dugger passes away

  • FA

    Glen Dugger, was a very mean and angry individual. Even though he liked me very much, he 86th me from his bar because I would not have a sexual relationship with him. He 86th many people from his bar specially woman, whom he claim to hate. He created a place where he could hate anyone and get away with it. Scandles has never been “a place where we are safe from people who hate us”. Scandles is a place with extremely negative individuals as employee’s. Also, felipe was not Glens life partner. All those will remember seeing Glen at the dirty books store not long before his passing. Glen hated felipe and basically everyone. Too, bad he did not loose the bar before he died. I hope the bar is shut down and that awful memory of hate and uglyness gone forever.

  • FA

    Glen, was and is not a “pioneer” he is basically a comedy of errors which he proved through his demise. Glen made many people hate him. We need to speek the truth, for the sake of wisdom and progression. Glen, was a very extremely bad example for GAY people. There are so many GAY people who do not hate and or sell something which kills, such as liquor, who are to be more appreciated and remembered as such. Glen claimed that I could not hadle my liquor, except that it was his addiction to liquor which killed him. I speek the truth because I hope he can finally know, that I know the truth.