Best of stage 2011

Wade McCollum as Prior Walter in Portland Playhouse's 'Angels in America.' Photo by Laura Domela

This year we introduce a best of stage category running down some of our favs in theater, dance, drag and performance art.

5 – Beat me with a coat hanger, Clarice.  Back in March, Christopher Kenney and hubbie Jamie Morris created a twisted insight to the famous films, “Mommy Dearest” and “Silence of the Lambs.” Joan Crawford drag queen? Amen! There are not enough words to describe the amazing talent and creativity these men portrayed in these two infamous stories! I hope there is more in store for 2012! Cheers, boys!

4 – Looking for Normal? Jane Anderson’s transgender comedy graced us in July-with a funny plot addressing gender roles with-in the family dynamic. Characters are searching for answers from the bible and other  places to understand and cope with the gender identity crisis that arises. This show will leave you rolling on the floor with it’s witty one-liners and  humorous approach to the issues.

3 –  Need some queer in your cabaret?Pants-Off Productions produced Homomentum; a queer cabaret mixture of  dance, burlesque, and performance art. 2011 was the 3rd season of the show, with a different theme every month.  Don’t worry, fellow Homo’s-if you missed the show, there is more in store for 2012.

Homomentum 2012 Season!

Jan 6th: Myths & Legends

Feb 3rd: Love Knots

March 2nd: Singin’ in the Rain

April 6th: Science/Fiction

May 4th: Homo’s Got Talent

2 – Sweet, sweet fantasy baby.This year Genderfantasy (Reviewed by Alley Hector last month) invaded Portland with its original style and gender-bending attitude. Genderfantasy is theatrical performance combining a multitude of different things; such has sexuality, gender, and glamorous power. This dance performance is embodied by its creator, Kaj-Anne Pepper and 3 others; Lillian Rosetti, Micheal Zero Reed, and Keyon Gaskin. The costuming, although simple, was brilliantly done by Raijah Antionette. This was a great show for anyone, no matter how they chose to identify.

“Genderfantasy is dedicated to the lineage of queer and trans performing artists who have passed on from this life and whose lives have shaped and made possible for my exploration into these luminal states of gender, power, sexuality, movement and representation. This is dedicated to our ancestors and our descendants.” Quoted Pepper in a previous interview. The project was able to reach their donation goal of 2,500, with 87 backers via Good job, Pepper and co.!

1 – “Angels in America”, a play written by Pulitzer Prize winner Tony Kushner, made its Portland debut in early December at the World Trade Center Theater. The play, written in ’93, has also been made into a television miniseries (see IMDb review). The diverse plot takes place in an America that is taken over by the AIDS epidemic. This story of sex, lies, greed and the power of the gay community will pull at your heart strings. With a strong cast and an amazing message, it was a must see of 2011.

I hope you didn’t miss this epic production but in case you did you can read the full review, and everyone can get a little more info with backstage interviews with lead Actor Wade McCollum and Director Brian Weaver.


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