Merry Quistmas Mrs. Twin Peaks, you Superstar Divas, and Stumped noms

The 5th Annual Queer Quistmas is this Saturday at the Q Center


Saucy Santa photo ops – Yet another chance to be a Portland sexy weirdo and ask Santa for more than the lump of coal you deserve. Have you made the naughty or nice list this year?

Portland Idol‘s Holiday Harmonies – Get in the holiday spirit with some of P-Town best voices.


The 1st annual Stumped Awards – This Razzie style award show was dreamed up by the folks behind Peep Show and Genderf***ing Takover. Who will take home the statue celebrating Synciest Lips, Highest Blood Alcohol Content or Most Epic Facebook? This is bound to be the gayest red carpet you’ve ever seen.


Queer Quistmas variety show – For 5 years Fannie Mae Darling and Splendora have been making the yuletide gay in this ultimate holigay spectacular. It’s performance after performance of hilarious and talented festivity. The ultimate theme performance party.

Mrs. Twin Peaks – Before Twilight ever pretended to make Washington cool, Twin Peaks did it so much better. That’s why I’m so excited about this month’s Mrs. It’s creepy, sexy, cool with small town teenage femme fatales, ladies who carry logs and FBI agents who love coffee and cherry pie. Oh and bad boys and murderers too. I think I’m most like Dr. Jacoby but I’m excited to dance with the whole cast.

Gaycation – This is a great party with rotating guests and a varied crowd. And you know this month folks from out of town will be homo for the holidays. But why did have to be the same night as Mrs? Why oh why? (Well, likely due to Miss Stud’s persnickety scheduling but whaddya gonna do?) Well, attendees of both events will be thinking of each other. Or there’s always the ambitious who party hop.

Inferno Holiday party – The party formerly for those over 35 has quickly become a good time for ladies of all ages (well, over 21) and the holiday edition should definitely be full of cheer. Plus the early time slot is goof for young and old alike. You’ve had fun if you’re ready for bed and have plenty of time for more if you’re still dancing. To get a little taste of what to expect, checkout DJ of the Week Rockaway, in town from Cali for this special night.


Brandi Carlisle – Big time music lez in a small, intimate venue. No wonder it’s sold out. But there’s always your scalper friends outside the door. It’s cold so they won’t want to wait long. You might get a deal.

Superstar Divas Holiday Megashow – Who knew queens were so into the holidays? Well, turns out they are. So you have the opportunity to see multiple types of Christmas drag and the Divas are one of them. This one might just be tame enough to take the fam, I would guess anything without Fannie Mae would be, but still enough fun for your dirty mind.

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