This weekend Some are Sparkles, some are Gaga, some are just Bent on having a Gender Fantasy

Preview Kaj-Anne Pepper's GenderFantasy this Friday at Bent


DJ Challenge and Gaga look alike contest for AIDSwalk – A benefit for the upcoming walk to bring attention to AIDS (cuz the fight is not over my friends) this Gaga look alike contest can also win you tickets to Ke$ha. Gay cliché as it may be I bet there will be many good costumes provoking laughter and gasps alike. And though I don’t know what the DJ challenge entails I’m excited to see Mr. Charming (Gaycation) participate in it. If it was DJ Hero on the Wii I might even give them a run for their money…

Big Eyes, Tacocat, Forever, & Guantanamo BayWatch – Punk rock at the Fleetwood Shac.


Bent featuring Kaj-Anne Pepper’s GenderFantasy – Bent is always a good time. And yesterday’s DJ profile introduced you to one of it’s creators, Roy G Biv. But this week is extra special because you’ll get to see a sneak peek of the talented and homo-performance-contest-winning Kaj-Anne Pepper‘s upcoming show GenderFantasy. Pepper describes it as, “…extreme glamour…a dance pageant exploring physicality, sexuality and power in a post-gender fantasy…The show will feature interactive photo-booths; striking visuals; surreal drag performances; video installations…” The final piece is set to debut this December and you can keep track of the GenderFantasy process and progress on their blog:


Some are Sparkles outdoor party – An all star DJ cast seldom seen together and a big dance floor under the sparkly stars are the chief draws of this one time only end-of-summer event. For a taste of the vibe you can check out DJ Bruce laBruiser‘s profile from last week, and I hope to have some some the soulful trend-maker DJ Beyonda and the renaissance party thrower Freddie Fagula soon enough. Plus it will bring up memories of the final days of Booty, still the night I hold every new party up against.

Notorious Neon party – If lighting the place up blacker and brighter than “ChiChi and Chonga‘s blunt” isn’t enough to light up your glowstick then surely a performance by Christopher Sein’s (Chonga) solo project Boys + Mixtapes surely must.

White Party X: 10th anniversary edition – CC Slaughters is a Portland institution in its own right, but add to that the longest running white party and you’ve got a hell of a party history to live up to. There’s so much alterna-queer stuff going on these days I seldom find myself at the Slaughter but they’re a good time for boys and girls alike. Like most cities (and despite our huge dyke population) the most prominent (and only right now) gay bars are all geared toward men, but places like CCs (and Red Cap among others) have come a long way in making the ladies feel welcome. And this is the first time the White Party will have both male and female go-go dancers for everyone’s visual pleasure.

LGBT Expo – Get your shopaholic fix while knowing that your dollars are going to gay owned and gay friendly businesses. Lots of them are probably local too so forget about the HRC Corporate Equality index, this is the real deal.

I love the 70s...

Heavy Metal Ladies night – Ladies can screech with the best of them. And this event promises to have that good ol’ scary Scandinavian death metal feel. Just don’t forget your earplugs.

Take Your Ass Back to Class getaway – This Love Hurts overnight is for those who feel they need just a little more training in the arts of BDSM…or it’s fun to pretend you do. So take this opportunity to get out of town and into a nice relaxing weekend in the country cuz summer ain’t over yet and you’ve got many things to learn my friend.


Disco Brunch: Disco la terreur – I freaking love the ’70s, ya dig? And they promise this daytime chowfest will be an afro lovin’, bell bottom swingin’, Donn Summer singin’ Studio 54. Live performances and hosted by disco diva Serendipity Jones with DJs Tigerstripes, Huf’N’Stuff, Nark and a drag closet dress up and makeover spot will bring us all back to a decade we either don’t remember or weren’t there for. But wait, weren’t they all too coked up to eat at 54?

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