Portland Pride 2011 Saturday Events

Leslie and the Lys will perform at Blow Pony

Full schedule of Saturday events:

Dyke March 2011 – Don’t get confused or show up late, this adventure of “how many exes does it take to screw in a lightbulb and organize a dyke march” may be ridiculous in its ever-changing lineup of organizers but its worth it to keep it going. We had grand ideas last year to take it over and make it as big and great as San Fran’s but my compatriot up and ran away to said city by the Bay. So instead I’ll just be another marching lezzie. But that’s quite a force in P-Town, even if we are running to catch up an hour late…

Doll House Pride Edition – I may not usually be into chains but Hamburger Mary’s is a fun implementation of a great idea gay/drag laid back restaurant franchise. The atmosphere is friendly and they’ve given the prime Pride real estate of Saturday night over to the ladies.

Blow Pony vs. Leslie Hall queer mutiny now – Love it or hate it Blow Pony is emblematic of the queer Portland scene and it is the party. Normally that just means the best costumes, hottest dancing and longest bathroom lines, but tonight it means a lot of highly anticipated performance as well. The gold clad chub hipster party musician extraordinaire Leslie and the Lys would be enough to make it one hell of an event but there is so much more.

I can’t wait to see how all-girl bike dance troupe the Sprockettes will navigate their minibikes among the masses and the excited inertia of a mid-tour performance back home is sure to make CJ & the Dolls a hella tight and sexy sweaty venture. Little Tommy Bang Bang, Jeau Breedlove, Feyonce and a host of fierce-as-fuck DJs are sure to round out the evening in an incredible mish mash of on and off stage savagery. Even if you didn’t want to get here extra-super early because the line is going to double back around the block, you’d want to get here early just to make sure you didn’t miss anything and still had a few moments to dance in the cool night air of the open back patio.

Hot Flash presents Get Your Pride On – The old ladies have a place to go for Pride too! And though you may not want to stay out as late as the young folks you still like yourself some fine lookin’ ladies, so the go gos here are some of the hottest in town. I’d had the pleasure of getting to know one myself…but you tell me sometime that there are cougars in the house and I’m there.

Chicka-Boom Boom Pride Patio party – Vintage, all-girl group records celebrates Pride weekend with a queens of disco and funk edition spun by DJ Pukes in Vans. Gawd us Portland queers know how to put a good hipster theme together…

Chocolate City & Portland Black Pride Pajama Jam – Chocolate city is the POC place to be for the gay women and men that white folks just ain’t hip to. But just cuz you don’t know about it doesn’t mean it isn’t the sickest hip hop and R&B jams in town. And this night you can enjoy in your jim jams with best prizes for the nighttime clad boy and girl both. I’m pullin’ for the footie pjs myself. They’re classic.

Colt Studios' Spencer Reed will be at Red Cap/Boxxes

And for the younger set Black Pride also has an all ages dance party at PSU’s Stott Center Roof with free admission and free appetizers.

Red Cap’s Mustache party – Continuing their hairy theme the Stark Street twins dedicate Saturday’s parties to the fuzz above your lips. Be it handlebar, pencil, or a Fu Manchu it’s time to bust out the ‘stasche for judging by Miss Thing‘s Juan in the evening’s facial hair contest. Boxxes will be transformed from a gay nightclub to a faux hunting lodge Gentleman’s Club, no less man-loving. They won’t even need the TVs to blast porn as stars from Colt, Nate Karlton and Spencer Reed will be there in person showing of their own short and curlies. Now when will there be a ladies chest hair competition, cuz I got that one in the bag…

CC Slaughters – More beach blanket bingo and boys boys boys. If you want CCs you know it. And hey, no cover.

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