PSU Pride presents Dawn of the Day of the Living Queer

Pride season is summatime, the season of short shorts and no more teachers, dirty looks. But colleges and universities love a queer too, so they start the season off early. And PSU’s week of LGBT Pride starts tomorrow with Dawn of the Day of the Living Queer. It has quite the lineup, (including li’l ol’ me with a tiny pile of last year’s stickers). It’s supposed to be a sunny and beautiful day in the park blocks from 4-9p as Tender Forever, play/start, NO/HO/MO and more take the stage.

I just recently saw Tender Forever, aka Melanie Valera, kill it at Saratoga. With a new album and all over her emo-electro charisma, Valera is sincere and swoon-worthy. Even I was charmed by her slight French accent as she convinced the audience to catch her crowd surfing. And I did see someone filming my favorite performance trick of hers, controlling the beats with a pair of WiiMotes, but they disappeared before I could commandeer the recording for the site. (But I have another chance, and with better light!)

play/start also have a much anticipated album on the horizon, though I’m not sure it will be available here, as they have a release party set for this Saturday at Saratoga. You can also download The Alibi at a very reasonable name your own price. A good blend of rock and pop, play/start have driving drum beats, catchy hooks and an infectious energy that makes for a great show. College students should be particularly pumped at the sound…or maybe people my age remembering what we bopped our heads to in college. I’m hoping for both.

Queercore/synthpunk band NO/HO/MO should seal the punk rock deal with their brand of performance art aimed at exposing the absurdity of homophobic phrases, such as NO HOMO and PAUSE.

The rest of the week is filled with workshops. You can see a full schedule in the events calendar. Trans 101 is essential for anyone still struggling with acronyms and pronouns and I’m sure seeing the little baby gays walk at the Lavendar Graduation will bring a tear to your eye.

It all culminates on the rooftop of the Stott Center next weekend with a continuation of the zombie apocalypse theme for Promageddon (Party like it’s the end of the world) and musical guests Purple and Green. Now that’s a theme that both Britney and I can get behind.

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