A week of Burlesque with ‘Dangerous Curves” & the ‘Rosehip Revue’

Dangerous Curves

Portland is good at a few things: brewing beer and coffee, paving the way for bicyclists, and performative sex. By that I mean that we have some of the highest per capita strip clubs in the nation, as many would put it. But we’re way better than that even. Because we have nuanced and artsy, but no less sexy, burlesque performances that go way beyond any mere striptease. And this week we’ve got 2 big ‘uns.

Dangerous Curves this Wednesday at Red Cap (12th and Stark) is bringing the nation’s premier touring burlesque troupe to our fair city featuring the likes of Anita Cookie, Clams Casino, Darlinda Just Darlinda, GiGi La Femme & Minnie Tonka, who have been called everything from “mastermidn fo bizarre extravaganza” to “charmingly inebriated, hilarious and sizzling hot.” Their Brooklyn flavor will be a lovely balance to our Northwest palettes, represented by Baby Le’Strange, Hai Fleisch and ChiChi and Chonga.

If you’re already ready for more by Friday you won’t be disappointed by the longest running burlesque monthly, the Rosehip Revue. Last month I was unseated by the performance of resident boylesque stars Burlesquire. They donned leather, chains and not much else to tantilize the audience and it worked. I haven’t had Rihanna‘s “S&M” out of my head ever since.

Guest acts will include Portland’s unstoppable producer/performer/emcee trifecta, the delightfully zany Zora Phoenix, vintage beauty with a neo-cabaret twist, Sandria Dore’ and swing dance sweetheart, Euphemia Fox and Minix Mips of Swingtease!

And if that wasn’t enough there’s even more from resident pop-n-lock princess Angelique DeVil, Foremother of Portland queer neo-burlesque, Delilah Sinn, playboy and cabaret sensation, Russell “Russanova” Bruner, hosted by the cheeky Emceeiam. The evening also features the pickup artistry of this month’s stage kittens: Babs Jamboree and Bordeaux Patrol.

Damn, we’re gonna need that intermission…

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