What would you like to see on a queer youth resource list?

Q Center employee Mary Christmas is putting together a resource list for queer youth and wants community advice. The program, called We Are Here, is starting with a resource page for those under 24 and seeks input, referrals, and suggestions for fun and helpful things targeted toward young people.

Any local groups, programs, meetings, or fun things are needed but those listed below are especially sought out:

  • queer POC (People of Color) youth
  • disabilities
  • all-ages fun: nightlife, arts stuff, zines, etc.
  • en espanol
  • FREE STUFF: free clothes, shelter, food, etc
  • immigrant and refugee youth
  • sports, camping, and outdoors activities for queer youth
  • online communities and blogs
  • trans-specific youth stuff
  • outside of portland: queer youth programs in washington state, washington county, suburbs, etc.

If you were a queer youth new to PDX or just coming out, what would you be psyched to know about?

The project is also seeking volunteers so contact Mary,, if you are interested in helping flyer colleges, contact statewide GSA’s, throw all-ages shows or dance parties at Q Center, or anything else you can think of.

Feel free to leave comments here and I will forward them on to the Center.

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