Review (and photos) of Monday night’s Queer Quistmas with Fannie Mae Darling

Fannie Mae Darling hosts. Photo by Marty Davis / Just Out

In Portland’s world of on-the-fly and occasionally inebriated performance world, Fannie Mae Darling managed to keep the local theme alive while providing a quality holiday drag, theater and music extravaganza. In constantly rotating dresses Darling kept the crowd engaged and giggling through over two and a half hours of stage antics. Yes, while drunken.

Just Out’s Marty Davis has all the photos to prove it was a spectacularly successful Quitsmas blend of talent on her Facebook page.

Holiday themed drag performances by the much sought after San Franciscan Serendipity Jones, local darlings ChiChi and Chonga, Bolivia Carmichaels, and Topaz Crawford were interspersed among a variety of acts.

Fannie Mae perched herself by the fire and read a scandalously updated version of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,” which featured David Fletcher in a jockstrap and cardigan as dad, and big scary drag queen Gula Delgado (aka Eric Sellers) as a lewd Santa Claus. The Drag Mansion also did a great Xmas spoof musical that starred C-Lay as a 4th grader granted three gay-ass Christmas wishes by Fairy Godmother/Santa’s Little Helper Allison May.

The Dolly Pops. Photo by Marty Davis / Just Out

C-Lay and A-May of the Drag Mansion. Photo by Marty Davis / Just Out

A particular highlight for me, and other lady lovers in the audience was the white, fluffy, and sexy dance number by vintage inspired group of dancers/choreographers/artists/models the Dolly Pops. Their Swan-Lake-like snowy feathers contrasted beautifully with their bright pink umbrellas to make a much happier reference than the other bird performance everyone is talking about, Natalie Portman’s Black Swan, but just as pretty.

There were also some amazingly several diverse musical acts, even if we did hear Lennon and Yoko’s “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” twice. What a bunch of love loving hippies we are. Luckily, that Christmas spirit can come in the form of a lounge act, a solo pianist with no pants, a group of 5 sweetly singing ukuleleists called Me and Uke and Everyone We Know, Matt Insley and his 10 piece house band, hip hop stripper BayPuppySailorSuit and the 100 year old organ-playing Caedmonster & his feral friend, who you can see a video of below.

How else could I end the evening with with a purchase of the adorably labeled Grannie Mae Darling homemade bourbon apple butter…

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