Jaric drama! Aden Jaric gets to use his get out of jail free card after Miss Thing punchup

Aden and Jordan Jaric in happier times

Aden(l) and Jordan(r) Jaric in happier times

Gay porn stars and former boyfriends Aden and Jordan Jaric are in hot water after an altercation that happened at last Wednesday’s Miss Thing in Portland. After appearing together at the Bling Dental party on Tuesday, an alcohol-fuelled fight broke out at Miss Thing, and Aden Jaric smacked Jordan Jaric upside the head with a paperweight he received at the show as a gift. He now faces assault charges, and the fight has moved to twitter, where Byron Beck has now somehow become involved!

After hitting ex-partner Jordan with the paperweight, Aden was subsequently arrested and hauled off to jail. The police released a mugshot of Aden, but as this matter is currently classified as a domestic violence incident, no further details have been released. It also remains unclear how badly Jordan was hurt.

This hasn’t prevented Aden and Jordan from taking this matter to the intarwebs, however, and they are currently duking it out via twitter. Both Aden and Jordan maintain they were provoked by the other, with Aden claiming it is Jordan’s fault for throwing him on the ground and “fucking up his hand and knee”. Additionally, he alleged that Jordan cheated on him. Aden Jaric is also threatening fellow Portland blogger Byron Beck via twitter as Byron has publicized Aden’s real name, telling him to “take my fucking real name off you twitter now you piece of fucking shit.” Oh dear.

What will happen at San Diego Pride, where they are scheduled to perform together, is yet to be seen.

I hope that this matter, easy as it is to write off as gayboy drama, will bring further light to the issue of (domestic) violence in gay relationships. Get better soon, Jordan. Drink some chamomile tea and maybe lay off the steroids, Aden. We don’t need your drama up in here, we have enough of our own!

More details via The Sword (site NSFW)

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